Battle Royale

Battle Royale is one of the simplest games you can ever play and it is based on a children’s game war. After the player places the initial bet or the ante, the dealer and the player get one card facing up each. In this game, the high card gets to win but in case a time is present, the player has an opportunity of either battling for a chance of winning at 3 to 1 odds or can opt to just surrender. The game play is quite easy, simple and understandable and you will have a lot to enjoy. At the start of every game, the player is expected to first of all place the initial bet that is referred to as the ante.

The amount of the bet is going to first of all appear on a betting circle at the top of the table. For starters, you will need to choose the value of chips you intend to play with which could be such as $1, $5, $10, $25 and $100. Then, just click at the betting circle and keep note as the display of chips equal an amount which you intend to bet. If you want to reduce your betting amount, you will just need to click right on the betting circle and remove the chips. The bet placed will be reduced by an amount of the chip you have selected currently. When this is done, click at the Deal icon and the deal and you, the player, will get one card facing up each. Unless a tie occurs, there is no additional dealing of cards in Battle Royale.

When a tie occurs, simply click on the battle or surrender button depending on what you intend to do. Sometimes, you might not be interested in battling out for the win and this is where surrendering come in. Surrendering means the end of the game and the dealer pockets the winnings while you are going to lose half of the total amount you had wagered. Choosing the battle option will give you a chance of trying to win your wagered amount. This will automatically place a bet that equals the ante you had placed. The dealer and you will each be dealt with three cards that face down and one card facing up.

Face up cards in Battle Royale is compared by the dealer and the high card takes the win. As far as game rules are concerned, Battle Royale normally makes use of the four deck shoe that is reshuffled after every hand. In this game suits matter less and aces are high always. After you place your initial bet/ ante, the dealer and you will each get a card facing up. You win when the card you have is higher compared to the card that the dealer is having. This will end the round and you will be paid an amount that equals your initial bet. This is a simple game to play yet very exciting and enjoyable.