Emotional Bankroll – What is It?

This can be defined as the gradual increase of a gambler’s tolerance to risk. The idea is for a gambler to increase the amount of money they bet, which also exposes them to higher risks. It also increases their emotional capacity to handle these significant risks and any consequences resulting from them.

This means that in time, whether they win or lose, they will not allow the results to affect them and will learn to treat them as a matter-of-fact consequence of gambling. This helps to keep emotions from interfering with play. It helps a gambler make sober decisions especially in high risk games no matter how much money they are losing. In short, you get to increase your betting threshold and still preserve your emotional well being.

How do you determine your emotional bankroll?

Well, the first thing is to find out the kind of gambler you are. Ideally there are three categories of gamblers.

  • Conservative gamblers: These kinds of gamblers are concerned with the cost of their gambling, as opposed to any thrills. They normally maintain small bank rolls and are careful to control the amount of money they spend on bets. You will find them in games like slots that require little financial investment.
  • Serious gamblers: This type of player is aware of the odds associated with any game they play. They are in it for the money; to get as much as they can out of the game by playing a smart game. They normally have large bankrolls and are not averse to placing large bets.
  • Extreme gamblers: Their thrill is from the gambles they make. They value the action and often make risky irrational moves just for the adrenalin rush.

From these descriptions, it’s clear to see that extreme gamblers have a bigger emotional bankroll as compared to conservative gamblers. The focus, however, is on using one’s emotional bankroll to increase one’s financial bankroll.

How to improve your emotional bankroll

  1. Don’t play with money you cannot afford to lose
  2. This means that you must be prepared to lose whatever you take to a casino. This means that your bankroll must be an amount of money you can stand to lose. Use your experience in gambling to make a level-headed decision about this.

  3. Know your game
  4. You need to be informed about your game of choice because the more information you have on it the better the decisions you will make as compared to being clueless. This will help you to increase your chances of winning whether you bet big or small. With enough knowledge on a game, you will be able to go for those big bets, which will help you to boost your emotional bankroll with time.

  5. Learn to observe the game played by your opponents
  6. One way of improving your emotional bankroll is to exploit the weaknesses of the other players. This will help you apply different strategies to beat their game. When you know what an opponent is doing in a game, it decreases any emotional stress. You will comfortably make big bets because you have crucial information on a player’s strategy. Learning to read your opponents strategy is a valuable way of increasing your emotional bankroll.

These are a few pointers on emotional bankroll and how to improve it.