Gamification of Gambling

Gamification is so far one of the most popular marketing strategies that most online casinos have adopted. This is the process of integrating game dynamics into a website or application so that you can engage your customers or your web users in solving problems. Gamification of gambling has successfully managed to market and maintain customer retention in the gambling industry and has also played the important role of enabling the users to express how they feel about a website. It has also made it very simple for the web owners to identify their loyal users.

Gamification of gambling has greatly changed the face of competition in the gambling industry and its ability to retain users also makes it possible for a gambling website or a casino website to have a better knowledge of its market. In applying gamification as a marketing strategy in your website e.g. in a casino website, you should make sure that the tasks you include are relevant to gambling.

There are a number of factors that can be identified as having significantly contributed to gamification within the gambling industry. First of all, until pretty recently, there was a lot of social stigma attached to gambling. In most societies around the world, gambling was considered a social vice and as such many people would not want to be associated with it; at least not in public. Gaming, on the other hand, has always been appreciated everywhere and the large number of online games and even larger number of online players is a clear testimony to this fact. Thus the idea was born to turn gambling into less of a contest for profit into more of a fun activity. This was the start of the gamification of gambling

Today many gambling activities, especially when it comes to online gambling, are structured as interactive games that are fun to play. It is no longer simply about winning. In fact, most of the online gambling games are low bet games in which the stakes are not significant. The players do not win much but neither do they lose much financially when they are beaten in any game.

It is worth pointing out that the gamification of gambling was not a one-time process that took place at once. On the contrary, it has been a process that has taken long to reach where it is now. It is not practical to pin point the exact beginning of gamification with reference to gambling. In its simplest form, a normal game without any real stakes involved would be converted into a gambling activity by the introduction of stakes. For example, two players playing a game of pool decide that the loser in the game has to pay a specified sum of money to the game’s winner. While the game is still a game, the fact that both sides are raising stakes also means that they are gambling as they play. The idea behind gamification is, in the online sense, to develop and maintain a close relationship between web owners and users so that together, both parties can work on improving the quality and services provided by the website.